A young man living near Les Anglais, Haiti. He might be a Texas fan, but probably just likes the hat. Though marine life near the shores of Haiti is nearly depleted, people can draw some food and a little income from fishing. Nets are towed out into the bay by rowboats or one of the few little motorboats, and then pulled into shore by hand. Small fish are kept; the tiny ones are returned to the water.

The integrated frame for Mending a Net, like those for several of my other recent pieces, was made BEFORE I screened on the image. I have to do it in that order because the background and frame pieces need to be fired to over 1400 degrees so they stick together and get smooth. The crushed-glass image would be melted into oblivion at that temp, so I add it later and refire the piece to something less than 1300, leaving lots of texture. The pattern in the frame is formed by strips of white/clear streaky glass standing on edge.

  • Method Fused glass powder print
  • Size 13h x 16.5w
  • Location Studio
  • Serial number 1/20