Scene from a typical market day in a small town in Haiti. I snapped the photo on which this piece is based through the streaky windshield of our truck, rolling slowly through the crowd and glaring sun.

Street Market is my first full-color fused glass “painting.” The gray and black powdered glasses were silkscreened onto a white sheet-glass substrate. I also used silkscreens to add powders to the sky and dirt road and to accent the trees with green. All the other colors are done by hand, either using tiny spoons and clay-shaping tools to move dry powder around or mixing the various glass powders with viscous gel and applying them with a palette knife.

The integrated frame is light cyan sheet glass with 120 small rectangles partially melted on top to create the rippled surface. I lost count of how many firings this piece required; I think it was between six and eight.

  • Method Fused glass-on-glass hand pulled screen print with hand-added colors, original unique
  • Size 16h x 22w inches
  • Location Studio