Nicely Baked

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I wanted the building color to look like adobe, whitened where the sun was brightest on its surface. When making a new color by mixing glass from various jars, it is highly advisable to run a test so you don’t … Continued

Shattered Illusions

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I *thought* I was going to make the next version of Sky Blossoms this week, and prepared a nice frame and background for it. The background is a single flat piece of bright white glass. The frame is made of … Continued

Spring Flowers

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Are you sure its already February!? I’ve been taking time away from making lots of glass. My most recent explorations have been looking into macro photography (to capture really tiny things in detail that might be interesting when enlarged onto … Continued

It’s been awhile

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Things got so crazy with shows that I haven’t been making much new glass or keeping my website updated. Julie Vincent, Ken Hashagen, and I mounted a show at Will Call Gallery in NW Portland. It opened for First Thursday … Continued

Kiln to Gallery

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“Mending a Net” is still warm from its final kiln cycle, but it will be hanging at Will Call Gallery for First Thursday festivities tomorrow night from 6-10pm. Will Call is at 625 NW Everett St. in downtown Portland. Most … Continued

Burden is finished.

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This just came out of the kiln. It is about 14×18. Can’t go much bigger; my silkscreens are the limiting factor. The original photo of course did not have stars and stripes on the burdens. I added those as a … Continued