A warm spring day invited me to take my dog and a camera out to enjoy the flowering trees around our neighborhood. I enjoyed the outing much more than did Tonka, who would have preferred a brisk trot over standing around while I took pictures.

This photo on which this design is based was taken up through the branches to a soft blue sky uncharacteristically (for Portland) clear of clouds. The black border is made from thin, spaghetti-shaped pieces of glass called “stringer,” fused onto the background at a low temperature to keep its 3-dimensional form rather than melting into a flat line. The flowers are white powdered glass mixed with a clear firing gel, applied with a palette knife and sprinkled with tiny pieces of orange crushed glass (“frit”). The completed piece was fired again at a low temperature to make the glass all stick together without losing too much of its shape.

  • Method Glass-on-glass hand pulled screen print, limited edition
  • Image size 12" h x 10" w
  • Serial number 1/20