Time to take a breath

Time to take a breath

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Art in the High Desert is over; I delivered a stocking order of 100 Wired Up Art hangers to my first distributor; my brother and I spent a week fixing and cleaning our mom’s house in Iowa and got it on the market; Affordable Art for Everyone was last weekend; Beaverton Arts Mix ends this weekend; my gig at the Oregon Glass Guild’s vendor fair (promoting Wired Up products) is this Sunday. Whew! It’s been a whirlwind six weeks.

I’m going to visit my son in Japan, then when I get home I plan to explore new ways to use glass-on-glass printing and painting, possibly doing some acrylic paintings as a faster way of prototyping than melting glass (expensive and you have to wait 12 hours or more to see what comes out of the kiln). My big learning from Art in the High Desert was that my work needs to be less photo-realistic so people can develop their own personal impressions of the piece. I’ll let you know how it goes.

ps: The photo has nothing to do with this post. It just feels good.

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